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When used to supplement heat via a coal stove or fireplace insert, anthracite is far superior to cord wood or wood pellets. A stove-full (35 to 50 pounds) ...

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2007-12-28· Quite a few of the guys I work with have pellet stoves. They're all rated under 50K BTU and all burn 3-4 tons a year as supplemental heat. They all spent twice or ...

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Considering installing a coal/wood furnace in basement to supplement my 2800 sq.ft. house's baseboard hot water, oil-fired system. (natural gas not available). At ...

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A boiler or hydronic heater from Alternate Heating Systems can save you as much as 70% on your heating costs while reducing dependence on imported fuels! You have the option to completely eliminate your use of oil, natural gas or propane, or replace a large percentage of those fuels with wood, biomass, coal or waste oil this year!

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2009-12-30· As far as the coal vs wood, I would say coal wins all the time, at least for me. More heat, less work, ... Anthracite Coal Heating - Residential & Commercial

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For supplemental heating via a coal stove or fireplace insert, anthracite is much easier to use than cord wood. Unlike a wood stove which needs to be refilled every 6 to 12 hours, a modern anthracite stove heats evenly without tending up to 36 hours. To make things even simpler, Coal is in packages of anthracite in clean 40-pound, poly bags. These bags have a convenient handle and are ideal ...

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Anthracite is smokeless and burns cleaner than all other supplemental heating methods, including wood. Anthracite is a warmer, steadier heat that has a lower cost per million BTUs than all other fuels.

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Burning Anthracite coal to heat a home can be cost effective option to heat your home. Unlike electric or natural gas heating, it can be a challenge emptying an ash pan every day and requires daily access to the burning system in the winter.

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2018-12-03· Hand Fired Coal Stoves & Furnaces Using Anthracite Modern and vintage hand fired coal stove are similar to a wood stove and in some cases can burn either.

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2016-08-28· Coal stoves fire up differently than wood stoves.

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The results of our analysis shows that wood is generally about the same or slightly lower in CO2 emissions on a dry basis, but both wood and coal do not naturally have zero moisture content (MC).


When anthracite is used as the primary heat source, it's modernized coal-feeding and ash-removal systems require little effort to maintain. For supplemental heating in a coal stove or fireplace insert, anthracite burns longer without tending than cord wood or wood pellets.

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For supplemental heating via a coal stove or fireplace insert, anthracite is much easier to use than cord wood. Unlike a wood stove which needs to be refilled every 6 to 12 hours, a modern anthracite stove heats evenly without tending up to 36 hours. Another bonus with anthracite is that there is very little ash to be disposed of with no creosote build-up in the chimney.

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Per dollar spent, anthracite coal produces more heat than corn, wood pellets, natural gas, #2 fuel oil, propane and electic. Anthracite burns cleaner than all other supplemental heating methods including cord wood, wood pellets and electricity.

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The highest-quality coal, known as anthracite, ... How to Burn Coal at Home ... coal and wood provide the same amount of heat per pound.

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2006-11-10· Coal has the ability to produce more BTU's per pound. Coal is denser and is more carbon than other substances. An 80lb load of coal inherently holds more carbon than an 80lb load of wood and thus has the ability to produce that many more BTU's.


Heet, Inc. was established to offer clean, economical, high-quality anthracite stoves, fuel and accessories to the consumer for home use. The company headquarters are located in Washington, Pennsylvania and with its network of affiliated dealers, Heet, Inc. serves the entire tri-state area.

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Find that price in the Anthracite Coal column below. In the row corresponding to that coal price, ... to get the same heating value (BTU's) as a ton of wood chips, ...

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2017-03-19· The story of Bob and how he switched to Anthracite and Leisure Line Stove Company.

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The Christian Science Monitor is an ... Weighing the options of coal vs. wood ... provide the same amount of heat per pound. But hard coal (anthracite) ...

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There is coal dust that settles on everything, much the way wood ash/dust does, so that can be a deal breaker for some, but that steady, even heat is hard to beat. After the intial wood fire to start the stove for the heating season, it's been five minutes a day or less to maintain.

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2009-10-06· If'n it was me, I'd be thinking - It's called a WOOD burning stove for a reason! Burning coal as others have said, burns hotter. Will you be able to burn coal in a wood burning stove; sure once, twice, even maybe 3-4 seasons, but you have to remember that you are creating a potential fire hazard.

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Blaschak Coal Corp. has a network of hundreds of anthracite dealers throughout North America, many of whom will deliver right to your front door. To find the nearest dealer, complete the Contact Form or call us at 570-773-2113 or toll-free at 1-800-553-3117 for more information.

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2012-10-16· Coal vs Wood. Posted By neumsky, ... if you get a good quality hard coal (anthracite) ... Before i started burning wood i burned coal the heat was much more even.

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Replace at least 3lbs of good wood with 1lb of this coal – TRY SOME, YOU WILL BE IMPRESSED. Anthracite is one of nature's cleanest burning solid fossil fuels and carbon sources known to man. Since its discovery in Eastern Pennsylvania in 1769, Anthracite (hard coal) has been providing clean, affordable heat for homes, schools, and institutions.

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Anthracite coal costs a lot less than wood pellets per unit of heat (BTU). A pound of Anthracite coal has almost twice the heat as a pound of wood pellets, therefore pellets have to be almost 1/2 the cost of Anthracite coal to be at the same cost per unit of heat.

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Examples of government incentives and subsidies for residential heating with wood ... anthracite, brown coal, ... from residential heating with wood and coal in ...

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2014-10-08· The fuel BTUs of wood is lower than coal meaning you will have to use more wood to get the same heat BTUs than if you used coal for forging. The fuel size (wood) I found to work best is about the size of a 2x4 and about 4 inches long or about the same size as charcoal fuel.

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Hotter, cheaper, easier, cleaner and safer – anthracite coal is the better choice when considering your next heating or supplemental heating resource.

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As a supplement to other heating systems, anthracite coal stoves can provide heat to 3,000 square feet of living space. Because our coal burns hotter than any other fuel, you can heat your entire home with less fuel. Homeowners who have switched to using anthracite coal have saved hundreds on their energy bills, and you can too.